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About time I updated this .-. So as you can tell my name is Zebra.Why?I have no idea and I still wont in a year.My best friends on here:FunnyM20,$quill,rock god,Ultron,and Twizzle.My best friends in rl:Addictive and xninja98.I use a wide variety including the anime fail of 2011 :3Mainly I use a stick type face but then a double lined human body.As of right now I have a floating O.C. I am about to change my style to a more stick-hatted guy type of style.So ya.Im a veteran on here.I was here the day Phoenix quit in 2011.I was here way many days before that on my old Dsi.My highest rank was 894.I will list some goals the @ sign means achieved.

1 star(@)

1000 stars (@)

5000 stars (@)

15000 stars (@)

30000 (@)



1 green star earned (@)

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3 green stars earned (@)

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20 flips in MP

Faved by 1 famous creator @ -icyflame-

Faved by 2 famous creators @ -funnym20

Dats all -3-

Some big some small.About half of them achieved.I (most of the time) add creators right back :D I have 1 series that will make or break my popularity.It depends if they like the twist I put in it (my series) SO ya.I like trains >:3 Also i can do really good flips but not much motivation or publicity. -Zebra Updated:6-22-12