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I'll be online when I'm bored ;P. I'm normally reading on fanfiction nowadays. Oh well. Anyway yeah! becoming even more addicted to zelda games now instead of kingdom hearts, oh I also love persona, star ocean till the end of time, star universe, devil may cry1 2 and 3, ephemeral phantasia, asassins creed, final fantasy, little big planet, 007, mario kart, paper mario, mario party, chameleon, original mario, original zelda, zelda majoras mask, wind waker, ocarina of time, twlight princess, minish cap, four swords, kingdom hearts 1 & 2, 358/2 days, recoded, .hack G.U. 1 2 and 3, FMA games, Wild arms 4 and 5, Disgaea 2, Legaia 2 duel saga, Dark cloud 1 & 2, Suikoden 3, Shinobi, Arc the lad end of darkness and twilight of spirits, Rogue galaxy, Sims and sims in the urbz, Soul calibur 3, Naruto ultimate ninja 2, and I can't remember the names of the rest right now :D buh bye!