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Hello Blu Spy here :P. I'm sharing an account with my my best friend who is zFlame. I have a huge temper and bipolar disorder so try not to make me angry please :P. Anyways I love to RP. (Its my life bro xD) I'm obsessed with Homestuck ,Team Fortress 2, Pokemon,Invader Zim (join Operation Hed Pigeons so we can bring it back :D) Vocaloid, Tumblr, Creepypasta,Hetalia,Black Butler, Skrillex, Touhou, Yaoi (PruCan,GamKar,and Sniper/Spy ftw :D) *shot* and lots of other stuff. I have many O.C's so expect P.V's and RP's with them xD. If your interested in RPing with me I prefer to RP in chats for now because I dont have internet right now. Websites I'm on Tumblr: Blu-Spy12.tumblr.com

DeviantArt: TheEpicVideoGameFan (not much art though :/). If I know you well enough you can call me by my real name if you want and I might tell you my RP account on Facebook. Umm thats all for now so bye -Blu Spy

I'm zFlame/Emily I share an account w/mah best friend Blu Spy :3 I'm pretty much a huge noob at most of this stuff... Hopefully in the days to come I'll learn new ways to draw and impress people and make great friends :D -zFlame


Female ~zFlame and Blu Spy


12~Blu Spy


April 2 ~Blu Spy


Playing piano and clarinet,drawing, Rping, other stuff :P ~Blu Spy


English,Spainish, some Frech ~Blu Spy