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hey everyone youre all probably wondering why i havent been on my xl if you said yeah you were worried youre a liar but thats okay moving on though my mom threw my xl at a wall when she saw my grade card but im gonna get it fixed but it will be about six months and i will be using my own money but i fixed my original dsi it needed to be recallibrated and the button needed some tough love but it works and i will be doing mvs pvs amv and all of that just the quality wont be as good so i have also been less concerned about my populairty im just glad to have awesome friends and hatena family members like


broken howl-sister

lightningscar- you will be my mother lol

eesdesesrd-you are my sister

im so greatful for everyone and im blessed to have you all as friends and thank you jessica for adding 100 stars to almost every flipnote i post

hey im icepool i also have many other names but my favorite ice pool and she is probably my most popular chara because one of my really good friends lightningS is using her in her series the legend of lightning scar and my chara plays the role of a wind clan cat who is attacked by the shadow but i cant tell you the rest so dont hesitate to add LS as a fave c yall oh and fave eesdesesrd too