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ーfrom dusk till dawn with =OyO=, daemon

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ーfrom dusk till dawn with =OyO=, daemon

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たいとしはる feat. =OyO=

taitoshiharu feat. =OyO=

zodiac : gemini

blood type : a

no bad, no good, but the ugly

my personal image is taken from

Maximilian Schell acted as Franz von Gerlach

with staring Sophia Loren acted as Johanna von Gerlach

in the movie "I sequestrati di Altona : The Condemned Of Altona" 1962 directed by Vittorio De Sica,

which was based on the play "Les Sequestres d'Altona" 1959 written by Jean-Paul Sartre,

premiered at Theatre de la Renaissance, Paris.

(the original image is here)